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About Originalist Angles

Quoting lexicographer Noah Webster, the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia remarked that American students “must know and love the laws, this knowledge should be diffused by means of schools and newspapers, and an attachment to the laws may be formed by early impressions on the mind.”​ At Originalist Angles, we believe fervently in the importance of civil education and hope to operate as an outlet for students to interact with the American legal system in a medium suited for them. Our aim is to introduce students to the concepts of and debates within originalism as an interpretative methodology. Our writers need not be originalists themselves nor advocate an originalist methodology. In the spirit of hearty intellectual debate, at Originalist Angles, we encourage writers to utilize any interpretive philosophy they find proper and interact with originalist counter-arguments in their work. In short, we strive to engage young academic minds in complex and contested areas of law through the lens of originalism as a method of Constitutional interpretation. 

Our Story

Both of us became interested in law during the lockdowns and isolation of the early Coronavirus pandemic. While few things remained consistent during this time and nearly every facet of life was disrupted, law remained a strong constant. Intrigued by the many issues in law arising at this time, we seized the opportunity presented by the shutdowns of classes and extracurriculars to explore law online. Over the next several years we studied law independently, each forming a strong passion for legal interpretation and originalism. But despite our searching, we found few opportunities as high school students to become thoroughly engaged with the law, especially through research and writing. In the fall of 2022, we were introduced by a mutual friend and decided to solve that problem by founding Originalist Angles.

Our Publications and Projects

In addition to highlighting the latest in written legal scholarship, we host symposiums to foster academic discussion and debate, covering cases before the Supreme Court and relevant developments in law. In our publications and other works, Originalist Angles prioritizes educating our high school peers about the law and engaging them with the ideas surrounding originalism and the constitution.

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